Friday, January 16, 2009

Show # 12 'All Of This Happened Before The 21st'

*Mix Show #5
For Amy...

Back in the day (around 5 years ago), it would seem that I had a little too much time to kill and was absolutely 'Mix-mad'!
My best friend Amy was moving away to the Portland, Oregon area back in early '04, so as part of a going away present I made her a couple mixes (naturally).
One was all music from the 21st century while the other was all music 'before' that.
Odd idea, maybe.
But as I said, I did have a lot of time on my hands.
Anyhow, this show is for Amy, who currently is working as a missionary in British Guyana.

::download:: ALL OF THIS HAPPENED BEFORE THE 21ST Airdate 9th of December '08
* request
Talking Heads 'Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place)'
Magnetic Fields 'The Desperate Things You Made Me Do'
Electronic 'Disappointed'
Cocteau Twins 'Know Who Are At Every Age'
Modern English 'After the Snow'
New Order 'Dreams Never End (Peel Session, June '82)'
Love And Rockets 'Here On Earth'
Pixies 'Dig For Fire'
Cure 'The Exploding Boy'
Talking Heads '(Nothing But) Flowers'
New Order 'Every Little Counts'
Bauhaus 'Severance'
Belle And Sebastian 'Slow Graffiti'
Velvet Underground 'I'm Sticking With You'
Church 'A Month Of Sundays'
Chameleons 'Tears'
Everything But The Girl 'Back To The Old House'
Catherine Wheel 'Wish You Were Here'
Jeff Buckley 'Last Goodbye'
Innocence Mission 'Today'
The Cave Singers 'Dancing On Our Graves' *
The Prids 'The Problem' *

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