Saturday, June 2, 2012

Show #1 'Reverse Reversed'

Digital manipulation of Nina Pratchios'  artwork.

Last year's Plasticstatic album 'Reverse' played in reverse order.

Followed by works in progress from an upcoming transitional EP.

Closing with songs by bands related in some way to Plasticstatic.

Please support these artists by downloading or if possible purchasing their music.
-Urls are in the playlist below.

::download:: REVERSE REVERSED Air date the 1st of June '12

Plasticstatic Reverse
'Song Of The Sun' / 'Are You Still Beside Me?' / 'For Hidden Thoughts'  
'The Natural World (Reverse)' / 'From Somewhere' / 'The World Around Us'  
'Sea Of Dreams' / 'Song Of The Moon'

Plasticstatic New Unreleased Demos
'Psychic Spear' / 'Anchors Two' / 'After The Third Glass' / 'Anchors (Mirror Mirror Remix)'

The Sirago 17 'Laetitia'
The Solar System 'New Souls'
Mirror Mirror 'The Chamber'

Background music ~ NURSE WITH WOUND 'Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains' (1987)