Friday, August 17, 2012


Mix Show (1999)

'Cassette heaven' photo by Kleegirl
It's always great to find old mixes and listen to them. And quite interesting when you notice how your musical tastes have somewhat altered; in my case, having become far more vast. 
This mix, I made several years ago for no special reason. My Sister and I drove down the Columbia Gorge to visit relatives in a red '86 Toyota Celica which only had a cassette player. We needed music. I obliged of course. 
To be honest, I fear for the future of the tape cassette. You see, I love the tape cassette, I always will. But recently I have found great difficulty finding any variety of recording cassettes. It used to be that I could go into certain stores and purchase four or five 120 Minute High Bias SONY tape cassettes, which were my personal preference. Now I have found this simple task to be almost impossible ('almost' as I have on rare occasions been able to find these only individually though.) I suppose I can understand why this is happening, nonetheless, I am saddened by this because some of us still do love the cassette tape.
"The Cassette Is (perhaps soon?) Dead. Long Live The Cassette Tape!"
On another note... After my sister married, I inherited that Red `86 Toyota Celica. It now has a CD player while the cassette deck is no longer in commission... Kismet?
-Keisha Duncan (2003) 

After nearly ten years... 

I've recently sold my old Celica as my Husband and I now drive a much newer Toyota. 
Farewell little red car.

And interesting developments have taken place as well regarding cassette tape culture.
In the past couple of years or so cassette tapes have made a sort of comeback with some independent record labels who have turned to the format to distribute releases more quickly and inexpensively.

Take for example A Thousand Steps Recordsout of Spokane, Washington, an exclusively all cassette label.
The brainchild of Jason Campbell who is in one of our favorites bands Mirror Mirror, features local area artists RamblechildBBBBandits, Space Movies, Bev Coyo, 66Beat, Jack Sabbath and of course Mirror Mirror.  
Plasticstatic -Ryan and myself, are very pleased to be part of this as well with our latest EP 'Anchors' to eventually be released on A Thousand Steps on cassette tape!

So, I suppose that I need not have worried so much about my beloved cassette tape after all... 

it has not been forgotten, it is still loved and it is doing quite well for itself.

'ECLECTICISM' Air date 17th of August '12

Side A
Jesus and Mary Chain ‘April Skies’ 
The Church ‘Antenna’
Modern English ‘Someone’s Calling’
The Smiths ‘This Charming Man’
The Cure ‘Gone!’
The Clash  ‘Train In Vain’
Elvis Costello ‘Kinder Murder’
Talking Heads ‘Memories Can’t Wait’
The Damned ‘Plan 9, Channel 7’
Cocteau Twins ‘The Tinderbox (Of A Heart)’ 
Siouxsie And The Banshees ‘Swimming Horses’
Joy Division ‘Digital’
New Order ‘The Him’
Side B
Tortoise ‘As You Said’
Depeche Mode ‘Halo’
The Smiths ‘Handsome Devil’
Cure ‘The Upstairs Room’
A Flock Of Seagulls ‘Wishing’
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark ‘Souvenir’
New Order ‘Salvation Theme’
Cocteau Twins ‘The Itchy Globo-Blow’
Talking Heads ‘Warning Sign’
The Clash ‘Straight To Hell’
Sugarcubes ‘Birthday’
Depeche Mode ‘The Things You Said’
The Cure ‘The Big Hand’
The Glove ‘Opened The Box (A Waltz)’

Mirror Mirror 'A Thousand Steps'
Ramblechild 'Opened Doors'
Jack Sabbath 'Sunshine'
Bev Coyo 'Less Town'
Space Movies 'Kevin Spacey Movies'
Mirror Mirror 'Kiss Me Lonely'

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Show #3 'Autosuggestion'

Mix Show #1 (2005)

Theodore Lux Feininger 'Sport at the Bauhaus' (1927)

is defined in the dictionary as an influencing of one's own attitudes, behavior, or physical condition by mental processes other than conscious thought :


"A point of view creates more waves,
So take a chance and step outside."

Please support these artists by purchasing their music if possible.

::download:: AUTOSUGGESTION Air date 22 of June '12
* request
Echo And The Bunnymen 'Disease'
The Movies 'A Better Life'
The Feelies 'Slow Down'
Josef K 'It's Kinda Funny'
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness 'We're Still The Weaker Sex'
The Cure 'Secrets'
Elefant 'Misfit'
Echo And The Bunnymen 'Angels And Devils'
The Wedding Present 'Kennedy'
Smoking Popes 'Need You Around'
The Walkmen 'Rue the Day'
Echo And The Bunnymen 'Over The Wall'
Joy Division 'New Dawn Fades'
The Fall 'Smile'
The Cure 'Cold (live)'
Interpol 'Song Seven (Original Demo Version)'
Clearlake 'It's All Too Much'
Echo And The Bunnymen 'No Hands (Peel Session)'
Joy Division 'Autosuggestion'
British Sea Power 'Fingertips'
Mirror Mirror 'Don't Call Me' 
The Solar System 'Donating Blood'
The Divine Comedy 'My Lovely Horse' *

Background Music: Hood 'Outside Closer'

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Show #1 'Reverse Reversed'

Digital manipulation of Nina Pratchios'  artwork.

Last year's Plasticstatic album 'Reverse' played in reverse order.

Followed by works in progress from an upcoming transitional EP.

Closing with songs by bands related in some way to Plasticstatic.

Please support these artists by downloading or if possible purchasing their music.
-Urls are in the playlist below.

::download:: REVERSE REVERSED Air date the 1st of June '12

Plasticstatic Reverse
'Song Of The Sun' / 'Are You Still Beside Me?' / 'For Hidden Thoughts'  
'The Natural World (Reverse)' / 'From Somewhere' / 'The World Around Us'  
'Sea Of Dreams' / 'Song Of The Moon'

Plasticstatic New Unreleased Demos
'Psychic Spear' / 'Anchors Two' / 'After The Third Glass' / 'Anchors (Mirror Mirror Remix)'

The Sirago 17 'Laetitia'
The Solar System 'New Souls'
Mirror Mirror 'The Chamber'

Background music ~ NURSE WITH WOUND 'Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains' (1987)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Show #12 'Mirror All That You've Done'

All Joy Division covers...


Home broadcast...

Watch MIRROR ALL THAT YOU'VE DONE Air date the 18th of May '12

The Cure 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
Galaxie 500 'Ceremony (demo)'
The Twilight Sad 'Twenty Four Hours'
Drunk Injuns 'They Walked In Line'
Still 'Failures'
The Horrors 'No Love Lost'
AinSophAur 'Something Must Break'
16 Horsepower 'Day Of The Lords'
Pavement 'Disorder'
Definitive Gaze 'Warsaw'
Subterranean Dining Rooms 'Atrocity Exhibition' 
Cosmic Spoilers 'Decades'
Afterhours 'Shadowplay'
The Kings Of Convenience 'The Eternal'
Low 'Transmission'
Further 'Insight'
Kendra Smith 'Heart And Soul'
Tortoise 'As You Said'
The Raveonettes 'She's Lost Control'
The Brian Jonestown Massacre 'This Is The One Thing We Did Not Want To Have Happen' 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Show #10 'Wish 20th Anniversary'

Photo courtesy of

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Cure's 'Wish' album.

::download/stream:: WISH 20TH ANNIVERSARY Air date 27th of April '12

Wish -album
'From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea'
'Wendy Time'
'Doing The Unstuck'
'Friday I'm In Love'
'A Letter To Elise'
'To Wish Impossible Things'
High -single
'This Twilight Garden'
Friday I'm In Love -single
'Scared As You'
A Letter To Elise -single
'A Foolish Arrangement'
'The Big Hand'

~Background music: The Cure's 'Lost Wishes EP (1992)'

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Show #6 'Blackradio'

Variations on 'Gigi Gaston listening to a transistor radio -1960s' by Josh Gosfield

::download / stream:: BLACKRADIO Air date 9th of March '12

Depeche Mode 'Black Celebration'
Current 93 'Black Ships Ate The Sky'
Boris 'Blackout'
Windsor For The Derby 'Black Coats'
The Opposition 'Black And White'
Sisters Of Mercy 'Black Planet'
Death In June 'Black Radio'
Modern English 'Black Houses'
Legendary Pink Dots 'Black Castles'
Cabaret Voltaire 'Black Mask'
Broadcast 'Black Umbrellas'
Moon Wiring Club 'Black Stage Mysteries'
Massive Attack 'Black Milk (live radio session)'
Psychic TV 'Black Moon'
The Walkmen 'Black Sails'
Felt 'Black Ship In The Harbour'
Girls Names 'Black Saturday'
Black Tamborine 'Black Car'
Radiohead 'Black Star'
Ride 'Black Nite Crash'
The Black Angels 'Black Grease'
Secret Colours 'Blackhole'
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds 'Black Hair'

~Background music 'Black Hole Symphony' by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Show #2 'The Air Is Getting Heavier'

Cover art by Kleegirl (2012) 

Please support these wonderful artists by downloading and/or purchasing their music if possible.

::download / stream:: THE AIR IS GETTING HEAVIER Air date 3rd of February '12

The Cure 'Open (edit)'
The Spiral Electric 'Slow Burn'
Tugsuk 'Ram'
The Vera Violets 'Euphoria' 'Darth Vader Head'
Screen Vinyl Image 'Revival'
The Underground Youth 'Ride'
David Lynch 'Noah's Ark'
The Solar System 'Lupar'
Hysteric Picnic 'Tonight'
Hood 'Greydayer'
U.S. Girls 'Red Ford Radio'
Crescent 'Shadow'
Two Step Horror 'Dusty Strands' 
Mirror Mirror 'The Undivine'
UNKLE 'Chemistry'
Talk Talk 'Ascension Day'
Windsor For The Derby 'Queen Of The Sun'
The Sirago 17 'Midnight Sea'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'The Revolution WIll Not Be Digitised'

~Background music: Brian Jonestown Massacre's 'Methodrone'

Show #4 'Plastic Passion 2'

All vinyl show...

::download / stream:: PLASTIC PASSION 2 Air date 17th February '12
D ~dedication
Television 'Marquee Moon'
Talking Heads 'Warning Sign'
Guided By Voices 'Game Of Pricks'
Modern Lovers 'Roadrunner (Original Version)'
The Dictators 'Search And Destroy'
Joy Division 'Dead Souls'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Monkey Powder'
Uriah Heap 'Rainbow Demon'
The Cure 'Jumping Someone Else's Train'
The Smiths 'Nowhere Fast'
Swervedriver 'Last Train To Satansville'
Jesus And Mary Chain 'Hits So Hard'
Velvet Underground 'European Son'
Spiritualized 'Step Into The Breeze'
Primal Scream 'Higher Than The Sun'
Ride 'Decay'
Echo And The Bunnymen 'Happy Death Men'
Klaus Nomi 'Simple Man' D
Hüsker Dü 'Makes No Sense At All'
Vivian Girls 'I Heard You Say'

Show #3 'Plastic Passion 1'

All vinyl show...

::download / stream:: PLASTIC PASSION 2 Air date 10th of February '12
* ~Request
Psychic TV 'Roman P'
Siouxsie And The Banshees 'False Face'
The Glove 'The Perfect Murder'
Devo 'Shrivel Up' *
Eyeless In Gaza 'Three Kittens'
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 'Telegraph'
New Order '5-8-6'
Brian Eno 'King's Lead Hat' *
Pere Ubu 'Chinese Radiation'
The Bevis Frond 'Cries From The Inner Marsh / Termination Station Grey'
Japan 'The Art Of Parties'
Tears For Fears 'The Hurting'
Gang Of Four 'I Will Be A Good Boy'
Echo And The Bunnymen 'Stars Are Stars'
Jesus And Mary Chain 'You Trip Me Up'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Ljósmyndir'
Spiritualized 'I Want You'
Catherine Wheel 'Fizzy Love'
David Sylvian 'Orpheus'
Peter Murphy 'Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem'
David Bowie 'Space Oddity'
The Smiths 'Meat Is Murder'
Joy Division 'I Remember Nothing'
Public Image Limited 'No Birds'

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Show #5 'Staticwaves'

Cover art by Ryan (2012)

Every so often I ask Ryan to choose all of the songs in the playlist.

This inevitably results in lots of very positive feedback.

A case in point, the last show he compiled 'Stairway To The Best Party in the Universe' from March of last year.

I think that we received a fair amount of new listeners due to that particular show. 
That was also the show that introduced me to the fantastic Mirror Mirror.

So here we are again.

Adore at will...

::download:: STATICWAVES Air date the 24th of February '12
D ~ dedication
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'UFO Paycheck / Doomdub'
Dead Skeletons 'When The Sun Comes Up (For The Last Time)'
The December Sound 'Painkiller'
Kid's Garden 'In My Room'
David Lynch 'Movin' On'
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 'Menopause Man'
Coil 'The Wheel'
Black Market Karma 'All That I've Made'
Gull 'Bedouin Lover'
Boris 'Tu, La La'
The Crooked Axis 'No More'
Guru Guru 'Next Time See You At The Dalai Lhama'
Can 'Mother Sky' D
Black Tambourine 'We Can't Be Friends (Lost Inner Ear Mix)'
Atlas Sound 'Angel Is Broken'
The Black Lips 'Family Tree'
The Graceful Slicks 'Blood Red Hair'
Bloody Knives 'You Know You Want To'
Morpheme 'Pandemic'
Deep Cut 'Time To Kill'
A Place To Bury Strangers 'I Lost You'

~Background music: Fred Frith 'Allies'


Monday, February 13, 2012

Server currently down...

Looks like the server hosting the mp3s of our show is currently down.
It's most likely temporary and will be back up and running in the near future.

In the meanwhile, we have for some time been recording the video broadcasts via Ustream so there is always that.

But if you would still like an mp3 of any show please email us at and I will gladly upload whatever you would like to mediafire or 4shared.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

I'm gradually re-uploading some of the newer shows until the server is back up.
So far only show #1 'Another Noisy Year' is available again. 
All you need to do is click on ::download:: and you'll be taken where you need to go. All shows with the 'cygnus-loop' link are still down though. But rest assured that for all future shows posted there will be an mp3 download available via a different host.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Show #1 'Another Noisy Year'

First show of the Spring 2012 semester!

Please show your support for all of these great bands by visiting their pages and downloading and/or purchasing their music if possible.

::download:: ANOTHER NOISY YEAR Air date 27th of January '12

The Raveonettes 'Another Noise'
The Solar System 'Lifting'
Screen Vinyl Image 'My Confession'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Waking Up To Hand Grenades (2nd mix)'
Mirror Mirror 'Strange Reaction'
The Underground Youth 'Mercury Guitar'
A Shoreline Dream 'Losing Them All To This Time'
Bloody Knives 'I'll Never Leave You Alone'
Wild Nothing 'The Witching Hour'
The Vera Violets 'Somewhere Else (single mix)'
Shape Breaker 'Brotherly Love'
Nice Face 'Thing In My Head'
Malaria! 'Elation'
David Lynch 'Strange And Unproductive Thinking'
Moon Wiring Club 'A Trifle Sinister'
Permute 'Secret Star'
Hood 'Painting The Town Dead'
Catherine Wheel 'Dead Girlfriend'
Loop 'Brittle Head Girl'
Psychic TV 'Clouds Without Water'
Girls Names 'Kiss Goodbye'
The Cure 'All Mine (aka All I Have To Do Is Kill Her) -live '82'

Plastic Passion

::download / stream:: PLASTIC PASSION Air date 20th of January '12
* Request
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Dark-wave-driver / Big Drill Car'
Ride 'Paralysed'
Cocteau Twins 'Ivo'
This Mortal Coil 'I Am The Cosmos'
Beatles 'Glass Onion'
Sparks 'Falling In Love With Myself Again'
Velvet Underground 'All Tomorrow's Parties'
Jesus And Mary Chain 'Taste The Floor'
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry 'Pushed Me'
This Ascension 'For A Day'
Siouxsie And The Banshees 'We Hunger'
These Immortal Souls 'Marry Me! (Lie! Lie!)'
King Crimson * 'Red'
Iggy And The Stooges 'Raw Power'
Soft Boys 'I Wanna Destroy You'
David Bowie * 'The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud'
Kraftwerk * 'Morgenspaziergang (Morning Walk)'
Dandy Warhols 'The Last High'
Cure 'Babble'
Be Bop Deluxe 'Maid In Heaven'
Klaus Nomi 'Just One Look'
Kate Bush 'Leave It Open'
Thomas Dolby 'Wind Power'
Human League 'The Sound Of The Crowd'

Show #6 'Slightly Miscellaneous II'

:: October 2011 ::

I am so sorry for the belatedness of this broadcast from October of last Fall.
We are just now getting it posted here.
I am delving back into old shows that I have yet to post for some reason or another (mostly vinyl), so stay tuned for more...

:: download / stream :: SLIGHTLY MISCELLANEOUS II Air date 21st of October '11
* request
YES 'Heart Of The Sunrise'
KING CRIMSON '21st Century Schitzoid Man'
THE PENTAGLE 'Let No Man Spend Your Time'
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS 'Reverberation'
SONIC YOUTH 'The Sprawl (live Battery Park 2008)'
VIVIAN GIRLS 'I'm Not Asleep'
FUZZBOX 'Rules And Regulations'
LOU REED 'Rock N Roll (live)'
DAVID BOWIE * 'Look Back In Danger'
THE CURE 'Out Of Mind'
MAGAZINE * 'The Light Pours Out Of Me'
THE AIR WAS THICK 'Cast Fractures'
THE TADPOLES 'Rainbowmaker'
YMA SUMAC 'Dance Of The Moon Festival'

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Plastic Passion

The first all vinyl show of 2012.

Watch the entire broadcast above or download the audio for your iPod below.


::download/listen:: PLASTIC PASSION Air date 13th of January '12
* Request
Cure 'Underneath The Stars'
New Order 'Sooner Than You Think'
Thomas Dolby 'Airwaves (12" Version)'
Patti Smith Group 'Pissing In The River'
Modern Lovers 'She Cracked'
Strokes 'Soma'
Syd Barrett 'Rats' *
David Bowie 'See Emily Play'
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band 'Shifting Sands'
Psychic TV/PTV3 'Thank You'
Legendary Pink Dots 'Casting The Runes'
And Also The Trees 'There Were No Bounds'
Black Sea 'Mix'
Public Image Limited 'Four Enclosed Walls'
Can 'Oh Yeah'
Felt 'Something Sends Me To Sleep'
Smiths 'That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Yeah, Yeah'
Serge Gainsbourg 'Initials B. B.'
Tuxedomoon 'Desire'
DNA 'Blonde Red Head'
Plastics 'Copy'