Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Weekend Adventure...

Tomorrow at 4 pm on K-dub, I will be subbing yet again.
I have been doing this quite a bit lately.
I guess I just can't get enough of it!
And in a way, I am secretly hoping more of you will have an opportunity to live in LIVE. (I guess it's not so secret anymore)

Since the weekends shows that I have done (after tomorrow I will have done 3 thus far) are only an hour long and a bit off the beaten path, I will try to post them right away.
It should not take too long; an hour show is not as strenuous to record.

This is something I feel I really need to do, since I understand not many are listening to my shows live, even on the weekend! And yes, I know our lives ARE quite busy.

Since those of you are missing out on the immediacy of it all, I hope to rectify this by posting the weekend editions by next week.

If you do happen to listen in live tomorrow at 4 pm (btw - thanks Maija, I know you have been) always expect an educational theme (er... music-wise, I'm not gonna get THAT deep, people).

So amid our trying and hectic schedules...
Don't forget to stop and smell the vinyl.

As always, Stay Tuned! ... it's good for the soul, really!