Saturday, March 19, 2011

Show #8 'Rebellious Jukebox'

Photo: Robert Smith by Richard Bellia © (1982)

This is the very first in a new series of shows we're doing of unhampered songs although with just a tinge of a theme.

This week it was Darkwave and Post-Punk, my two favourite music genres that are really my true roots and what I always seem drawn to and come back to at the end of the day.

NOTE: A couple of these links for some older bands are very dated as I couldn't find anything more up-to-date. Sorry and don't hold it against them, it was par for the course at that time.

:: download / stream :: REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX Air date 18th of March '11

THE FALL 'Rebellious Jukebox (Peel Session May '78)'
WIRE 'The Other Window'
PiL 'Low Life'
BAUHAUS 'In Fear Of Fear'
THE COMMON MEN 'Vital Signs'
THE PRIDS 'All Apart And No Fall'
NEW ORDER 'Denial'
JOSEF K 'Sorry For Laughing'
DEAD CAN DANCE 'A Passage In Time'
IKON 'Black Roses'
DEATH IN JUNE 'Behind The Rose'
COCTEAU TWINS 'Hearsay Please (Peel Session January 1983)'
ARC GOTIC 'Portrait Of A Pale Lass'
AND ALSO THE TREES 'Midnight Garden'
ALL CATS ARE GREY 'Nothing Ever Changes'
THE FAILURES 'The Road Goes Ever On And On'
THE CHARNEL HOUSE 'Girl Interrupted'
THE CURE 'The Hanging Garden (Studio Demo '82)'
JOY DIVISION 'No Love Lost (Arrow Studios Manchester '78)'
ASSOCIATES 'It's Better This Way'
ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN 'Broke My Neck (Long Version)'