Saturday, December 13, 2008

Show # 3 'Manchester... Nothing To Answer For'

Mr. Steven Patrick Morrissey said it well when he revised his statement "Manchester, so much to answer for."

In my humble opinion, if it was made in Manchester...
It is awesome.

It all started, for myself, with New Order and Joy Division.
Respectively, The Smiths and Morrissey soon followed.
Then, an 'UNCUT' magazine featuring New Order on the cover and Bernard Sumner seemingly holding the CD which came with the issue (or perhaps it's Hooky holding it, I'm still not certain). There was a very long New Order article (multiple pages long) and an awesome spread about essential Manchester records. I still have that magazine around somewhere.

It is kind of funny how a certain part of the United Kingdom has produced such greatness.
And I suppose, we have Mr. Anthony Wilson to thank for bringing much-deserved exposure to a few of these ones.

Thanks, Tony.

"My theory on Manchester and why it produces the bands it does is that because the world is willing to listen to them, it gives the kids a confidence and and a belief that what has happened before might happen again. It's something to aim for."
- Jimi Goodwin (May '00)

**download** MANCHESTER, SO MUCH TO ANSWER FOR Airdate 30th of September '08
V = Vinyl
HAPPY MONDAYS '24 Hour Party People'
THE FALL 'Middlemass'
BUZZCOCKS 'Ever Fallen In Love'
JOY DIVISION 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
CURE 'The Holy Hour (live '80 - dedicated to Ian Curtis)'
MAGAZINE 'Because You're Frightened'
DURUTTI COLUMN 'The Missing Boy'
SECTION 25 'Always Now'
NEW ORDER 'Temptation (7")'
CHAMELELONS 'Less Than Human'
SMITHS 'How Soon Is Now? (Italian pressing)'
HAPPY MONDAYS 'Hallelujah (Club Mix)'
STONE ROSES 'Shoot You Down'
CHARLATANS 'The Only One I Know'
JAMES 'Sometimes (Lester Piggot)'
DOVES 'Black And White Town'
I AM KLOOT 'No Direction Home'

'12:13 Dream' The Cure MySpace Secret Show...

Oh dear, oh dear! Those boys are sneaky indeed!

So I'm checking my myspace page, and notice that The Cure have a new bulletin.
And this is what I see.

How MUCH I regret not being anywhere near Hollywood right now!

Unless I am mistaken, this does NOT happen often.

We are talking about a venue that only fits around 500 people!
This is a chance to be just feet away from Robert Smith!

I keep thinking of The Cure 'Play Out', and how much I want to be there in that small, cramped audience, every time I watch it!
And now, people will have that opportunity Saturday, on the 13th of December.

These ones that get into the Troubadour are in for one unforgettable show!
How I envy them.