Saturday, July 27, 2019

Show #8 'All Those Moments Will Be Lost In Time'

RIP Rutger Hauer (1944-2019)

:: The rain comes down and the tears fall away again, my dove flies free (95MB)::
ALL THOSE MOMENTS WILL BE LOST IN TIME  Air date 26th of July '19            *Request

Andrew Powell, Alan Parsons 'Ladyhawke Main Theme (Intro)' / 'Navarre's And Marquet's Duel'
Death In June 'Cathedral Of Tears II'
Primitive Knot 'Politics Here Is Death'
Vangelis 'Blade Runner (End Titles)' / 'Tears In Rain'
Chris And Cosey 'Raining Tears Of Blood'
These New Puritans 'Six'
Boyd Rice And Friends 'People (feat. Douglas P. and Rose McDowall)'
William S. Burroughs 'The Western Lands' / 'Hashisheen'
Section 25 'Babies In The Bardo'
Crispy Ambulance 'Bardo Plane'
Virgin Prunes 'Alone'
Rowland S. Howard 'Exit Everything'
And Also The Trees 'Feeling Fine'
These New Puritans 'Lost Angel'
Reveries 'Lost Words'
Watine 'Verrophone (rx by The Declining Winter)'
Robert Rich 'Steel Harmonics' *As requested by JR
The Frames 'Ship Caught In The Bay'
Arab Strap 'Cherubs'
TV On The Radio 'Ambulance'