Monday, December 12, 2011

Show #11 'Moonsongs'

                                                                                     Lunar Eclipse 10th of December 2011

::download/stream:: MOONSONGS Air date 9th of December '11

My Bloody Valentine 'Moon Song'
Ride 'Moonlight Medicine'
Cranes 'The Moon City (demo version)'
Flying Saucer Attack 'Moonset'
Guitar 'Moonlight Makes Me Transparent'
Plasticstatic 'Song Of The Moon'
Windsor For The Derby 'Moon Shadows'
Bat For Lashes 'Moon And Moon'
Current 93 'Moonlight, Or Other Dreams, Or Other Fields'
Galaxie 500 'Moonshot'
Loop 'Pink Moon'
The Chills 'Moonlight On Flesh'
The Innocence Mission 'Happy, The End'
Radiohead 'Sail To The Moon (Brush the Cobwebs Out of the Sky)'
Crystal Stilts 'Magnetic Moon'
Echo And The Bunnymen 'The Killing Moon'
Love And Rockets 'Holiday On The Moon'
Skywave 'Under The Moon'
The Dukes Of Stratosphear 'Bike Ride To The Moon'
Can 'Full Moon On The Highway'
Amon Düül II 'Stumbling Over Melted Moonlight'
Magnetic Fields 'Lovers From The Moon'
Guided By Voices 'Supermarket The Moon'
The Walkmen 'Red Moon'

~Background Music by The Balanescu Quartet: Robert Moran - Music From The Towers Of The Moon