Saturday, September 17, 2016

Show #1 'The Return Of...'

Douglas Fir Lounge stage, Orbit Service / Legendary Pink Dots set-up. (Tour Aquarian, September 2016)

First broadcast of the Fall 2016 semester.

:: September came, I don't feel the same ::
THE RETURN OF... Air date 16th of September '16

Primitive Knot 'Seven Hundred Steps Of Deeper Slumber'
Legendary Pink Dots 'The Aquarian Mix'
Cloak 'Understand'
Twilight Fields 'Stars, As They Fall'
Actors 'Bury Me'
Golden Gardens 'Extrasolar Heartbeat'
Book Of Love 'Boy' (for Ant)
Hood 'Her Innocent Stock Of Words'
Windsor For The Derby 'Empathy For People Unknown'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Fingertips'
Keith Hell And The Black Skulls 'Spiderbones'
Go-Kart Mozart 'Depleted Soul'
Dark Narrows 'Eight Hundred And Sixteen'
Omega Vague 'Unruly'
João Bispo 'Tragédias Momentâneas Da Carne'
Radiohead 'Identikit'
Legendary Link Dots 'Mirror Mirror'
Experimental Bruno 'Harpsichord Comin' Right Up' / 'Respect Your Harpsichord'
Kraftwerk 'Ohm Sweet Ohm' (for Ant)
Nursrat Fateh Ali Khan 'Night Song' / 'Crest' (for Caroline)

BED MUSIC ~ Cate Le Bon 'Crab Day'

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