Saturday, August 1, 2015

Show #10 'Plastic Passion Pt. 2'

:: How we chased a million stars and touched as only one can ::
PLASTIC PASSION PT. 2 Air date 31st of July '15

Can 'Oh Yeah'
Boards Of Canada 'Come To Dust'
Nine Inch Nails 'The Way Out Is Through'
Dead Can Dance 'The Fatal Impact'
Portishead 'Half Day Closing'
Coil 'Penetralia'
The Cure 'New Day'
David Bowie 'What In The World'
Bill Nelson 'Stop/Go/Stop'
Devo 'Secret Agent Man'
Vangelis 'So Long Ago, So Clear feat. Jon Anderson'
Eurythmics 'She's Invisible Now'
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 'International'
Psychic TV 'The Orchids'
Kate Bush 'Cloudbusting'
The Smiths 'Reel Around The Fountain'
The Sugarcubes 'Coldsweat'
The Cramps 'Mystery Plane'
Suicide 'Rain Of Ruin'
Loop 'Fever Knife'
Led Zeppelin 'The Battle Of Evermore'
Jonathan Hapler 'I Am A Hermit'
The Damned 'White Rabbit'
Slint 'Nosferatu Man'
Pink Floyd 'Pigs On The Wing 1'
The Brian Jonestown Massacre 'L'enfer'
Swans 'Trust Me'
Nice Strong Arm 'Free At Last'
The Chills 'Pink Frost'
Sam Cooke 'Bring It On Home'

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