Saturday, October 15, 2011

Show #5 'Dreamcast'

Skitzl R.I.P. (2011)

For Skitzl...

:: download :: DREAMCAST Air date 14th of October '11

Pale Saints 'True Coming Dream'
Spell 336 'Dreamworld'
The Opposition 'I Dream In Colour'
The Ocean Blue 'Awaking To A Dream'
Mew 'A Dream'
The Sirago 17 'Fever Dream (Playing With Prescriptions)'
The Solar System 'Dreams Reprise'
Data Unit 'Analogic Dream'
Inhale 'Waking Dream'
Plasticstatic 'Sea Of Dreams'
The Cure 'A Japanese Dream'
New Order 'Dreams Never End (live in Milan 1982)'
Wild Nothing 'Live In Dreams'
Beach Fossils 'Daydream'
Marine Girls 'Day/Night Dreams'
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 'Among Dreams'
Jandek 'Dreaming Man'
Moon Wiring Club 'Slumberwick Dreams'
The Essence 'A Reflected Dream'
Ikon 'Dreaming'
Legendary Pink Dots 'Only Dreaming'
Flying Saucer Attack 'Make Me Dream'
Magnetic Fields 'I'll Dream Alone'
Cranes 'Dreamless'
Amazing Electronic Talking Cave 'In My Dreams'
Love And Rockets 'Dreamtime'

~Background music: Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange 'Dreams' (1964)