Sunday, March 22, 2009

Show # 8 'Electronic Renaissance 2'

With much unavoidable belatedness...

I have been away since Friday morning on a much needed break from everything (including this blog it would seem).

But I got back here before the weekend was over anyway!

I am FAR too tired to go into even the slightest drawn out commentary here, but I will mention a big thank you to the kind people who took the time to make requests for this particular show.

Microstoria BC.
Maija Bridgewater.
Jason Hernandez.
Eric Norrbohm.
Helen (Mom).

Thanks, guys!

**download/listen** ELECTRONIC RENAISSANCE 2 Air date 18th of March '09
* request
LADYTRON 'Startup Chime'
BLACK GHOSTS 'I Want Nothing'
PLAID 'Extork' *
THE KNIFE 'Neverland'
ELECTRONIC 'Some Distant Memory' *
ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES in the DARK 'Talking Loud and Clear'
DAN DEACON 'The Crystal Cat' *
INTERPOL 'Public Pervert (Carlos D Remix)'
PET SHOP BOYS 'Love Etc.' *
NEW ORDER 'Here To Stay'
THE GLOVE 'Mouth To Mouth (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)'
BEBORN BETON 'Another World' *
VNV NATION 'Further'
DEPECHE MODE 'Fragile Tension' / 'Come Back' / 'Wrong'