Thursday, November 20, 2008

The 4ad Edition

Some may think it a great injustice that I chose one of my weekend hour shows to dedicate to Britain-based 4ad records.

They would be somewhat correct on this point, but at least I have recognized that fact. The show could have easily have been far longer. And I also have to admit that I was not as informative as I SHOULD have been as far as the label's history.

The reason being...
It was a very last-minute idea.

I put the whole playlist together in just hours.
It is also very difficult to choose only less than an hour's worth of 4ad alumni.

Who knows, maybe it was somewhat of a stretch, but I figured this, if anything, could serve as a preview to a more extended show.

We shall see...

*note: Obviously, the last song is not a 4ad artist, but I was just happy to have got a request!

**download** THE 4AD EDITION Air date 15th of November '08
* request
Modern English 'Sixteen Days'
Pale Saints 'True Coming Dream'
Lush 'Thoughtforms'
Cocteau Twins 'Cherry-Coloured Funk'
This Mortal Coil 'Dreams Made Flesh'
Dead Can Dance 'I Can See Now'
Red House Painters 'Things Mean A Lot'
Blonde Redhead '23'
Gus Gus 'Is Jesus Your Pal?'
TV On The Radio 'Ambulance'
Pixies 'Gigantic'
Deerhunter 'Little Kids'
Mylo 'Drop The Pressure' *

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Nocturnal Edition

My first time in the K-dub studio at night.
Thus, the 'dark' theme.

It was not all as eerie as it seems.
Just a bit strange.

As always,
Robert Smith understands...

Sunk deep in the night
I sink in the night
Standing alone underneath the sky
I feel the chill of ice
On my face
I watch the hours go by
The hours go by
You sleep
Sleep in a safe bed
Curled and protected
Protected from sight
Under a safe roof
Deep in your house
Unaware of the changes at night
At night
I hear the darkness breathe
I sense the quiet despair
Listen to the silence
At night
Someone has to be there

**download** THE NOCTURNAL EDITION Air date 8th of November '08

Legendary Pink Dots 'Blacklist'
Daniel Ash 'Candy Darling'
Bauhaus 'The Passion Of Lovers'
Sisters Of Mercy 'No Time To Cry'
Death In June 'Nothing Changes'
Damned 'Twisted Nerve'
Tullycraft 'Georgette Plays A Goth'
Siouxsie And The Banshees 'Obsession'
Cure 'At Night'

Monday, November 17, 2008

'4:13 Dream' Listening Party

ALL Cure show!

Finally, after MANY months of waiting, The Cure's 4:13 Dream has arrived!

As usual, I'm never disappointed.
Of course I didn't expect to be, especially after hearing some of the new songs played live at the Sasquatch Festival.

Saturday the 1st of November, the week that '4:13 Dream' was released, I decided a listening party was in order.

So when the opportunity arose to sub for someone at K-dub for an hour, I took it!
My sister and niece joined me this time.
It IS a listening party afterall.

All the things we never know we need...
Looks like we get them in the end.

**download** 4:13 DREAM LISTENING PARTY Air date 1st of November '08

Underneath The Stars
The Only One
Reasons Why
Real Snow White
Hungry Ghost
The Perfect Boy
This. Here And Now. With You
Sleep When I'm Dead