Saturday, September 24, 2011

Show #2 'Autumn Theatricals'

Anna Karina in 'Alphaville' (1965)

:: download / stream :: AUTUMN THEATRICALS Air date 23rd of September '11
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Chatham Rise 'Fall In'
The Field Mice 'September's Not So Far Away'
The Cure 'The Last Day Of Summer'
Placebo 'Summer's Gone'
Lee Hazlewood 'My Autumn's Done Come'
Jens Lekman 'Maple Leaves'
Magic Castles 'Autumn Sun (Extended Version)'
Epic45 'The Stars In Autumn'
Windsor For The Derby 'Autumn Song'
Moon Wiring Club 'Autumn Theatricals'
Yo La Tengo 'Autumn Sweater (Kevin Shields Remix)'
The Chills 'Autumn Testament #20'
Red House Painters 'Down Colorful Hill'
The Damned 'Life Goes On'
Brian Jonestown Massacre '(Around You) Everywhere'
R.E.M. 'Leave'
The Doors 'Riders On The Storm' *

Background music ~ Epic45 'Against The Pull Of Autumn'