Saturday, June 15, 2019

Show #2 'Pre-Millennium Tension (All 90s & 20th Anniversary Show)'

THE CURE 1996 Calendar                                                  

All Nineties broadcast featuring clips from my first radio show 
THE EASY CURE back in the Summer of 1999.

:: Everything I've heard, Everything I've learned, Everything I've tried, Everything I've held, Everything I've felt, Everything I've lost (129MB) ::
PRE-MILLENNIUM TENSION Air date 14th of June '19

Tortoise 'Not Quite East Of The Ryan'
D. Twins 'Falling (Club Mix By D.J.D Lite)'
Radiohead 'Lull'

The Cure 'A Foolish Arrangement'
Material Issue 'Valerie Loves Me'
Electronic 'Idiot Country'
Pixies 'Velouria'
Future Bible Heroes 'Memories Of Love'
White Town 'Wanted'

Pop Will Eat Itself 'RSVP'
Cabaret Voltaire 'Neuron Factory'
New Fast Automatic Daffodils 'Big'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Up (Peel Session)'
And Also The Trees 'Bullet Head'
Coil 'I Don't Want To Be The One'
Calla 'Only Drowning Men'
PJ Harvey 'Electric Light'
Built To Spill 'I Would Hurt A Fly'
The Cure 'It Used To Be Me'

~Bed Music GUIDED BY VOICES 'Warp And Woof' / SWERVEDRIVER 'Future Ruins' /
COIL 'Mayhem Accelerator'

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Show #1 'Plastic Passion'

       RIP Roky Erickson  (1947-2019)                                                       

All vinyl first broadcast of the Summer semester.

:: Open up your mind, and let everything come through (111MB) ::
PLASTIC PASSION Air date 7th of June '19

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown 'I Put A Spell On You'
13th Floor Elevators 'Roller Coaster'
Six Organs Of Admittance 'Black Wall'
Psychic TV 'Eve Ov Destruction'
Nodding God 'Natron Skipping Rope'
Coil 'Copacaballa'
VR SEX 'Maiden China'
Death In June 'Nothing Changes'
Neu! 'Negativland'
Negativland 'Time Zones'
Tiny Tim 'Strawberry Tea'
The Rolling Stones 'She Smiled Sweetly'
Annie Anxiety 'Burnt Offerings'
Romeo Void 'Charred Remains'
Actors 'Slaves'
The Cure 'It's Over (Whisper Mix)'