Friday, March 12, 2021

Show #1 'Gravity Begins At Home'

Photo by Ryan (February 2021)

GRAVITY BEGINS AT HOME Airdate 12th of March '21

Normil Hawaiians 'An Old Standard'
Travelogue 'Alive and Well'
Dead Mascot 'Forget'
Feather Beds 'Temper'
Normil Hawaiians 'New Standard'
David Lynch and John Neff 'I Cannot Do That'
Edward Ka-Spel 'Not Going Out'
Drab Majesty 'Pragmagick'
The Twilight Sad 'Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters'
The Caretaker 'Internal Unravel'
Reveries 'Gone'
Neonach 'Volution'
Constant Smiles 'Thawing Out'
Burning Peacocks 'Ondulation'
Saw Lady 'My Dear Friend I Will Miss You'
Sólveig Matthildur 'Absolution'
Nine Inch Nails 'Out in the Open'
Carl Abrahamsson and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge 'A Thin Garden'
Orbit Service 'Unperfect'
Chris Oliver 'Dark Jolt'
Feeding Fingers 'Procedures Followed'
Mogwai 'Here We, Here We, Here We Go Forever'
Ivor Cutler 'Gravity Begins At Home'

~Bed Music DEAN HURLEY AND DAVID LYNCH 'Slow 30's Room'