Saturday, June 22, 2013

Show #3 'The Electronic Renaissance Edition'

All electronic music...

'Pygmalion' by Kleegirl (2012)

::download/stream:: THE ELECTRONIC RENAISSANCE EDITION Air date 22nd of June '13

Primal Scream 'Swastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers Mix)'
Depeche Mode 'My Little Universe'
The Knife 'Raging Lung'
Laurel Halo 'Carcass'
Broadcast 'Distorsion'
Brian Eno 'M886'
Null And Void 'Japanese Forest'
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 'I Betray My Friends'
Autumn 'Twilight World (Part 1)'
Human League 'Marianne'
Stacian 'Anatomy Of Guides'
Wonky Doll and the Echo 'Something Is Wrong With You'
Martial Canterel 'Don't Let Me Go'
Gel Set 'All Of The Pleasure'
Psychic TV 'Papal Breakdance'
Cabaret Voltaire 'Whip Blow'
Quiet Room 'Rose Colored Glasses'
Xeno And Oaklander 'Sheen'
Appliance 'Milkrace'
Arthur Russell 'I Like You!'
U.S. Girls 'The Boy Is Mine'
Moon Wiring Club 'Ponder Ye'
Coil 'Triple Sun'

Background music ~THE KNIFE 'Shaking The Habitual'