Wednesday, January 27, 2010


After a bit of a lengthy hiatus, I Hung Around In Your Soundtrack is back on a new day!

Tune into every Monday at 1 pm pst.
And if for some reason you can't or miss it, no worries. I'll still be posting the shows here.

I know! There are many shows I have yet to post from the past two semesters.
But A LOT has happened in my life these past months, of which I might go more into on the air, maybe.

I hope to occasionally have my 'Co-host for life', Ryan accompany me in the studio, which will definitely be loads of fun and bring a lot more to the show. (i.e. REALLY decent ALL VINYL shows!)

Check out for lots of other interesting programming and spread the word about it!
KWCW really wants you to listen in!

DO IT! You'll never regret it!