Saturday, March 10, 2012

Show #6 'Blackradio'

Variations on 'Gigi Gaston listening to a transistor radio -1960s' by Josh Gosfield

::download / stream:: BLACKRADIO Air date 9th of March '12

Depeche Mode 'Black Celebration'
Current 93 'Black Ships Ate The Sky'
Boris 'Blackout'
Windsor For The Derby 'Black Coats'
The Opposition 'Black And White'
Sisters Of Mercy 'Black Planet'
Death In June 'Black Radio'
Modern English 'Black Houses'
Legendary Pink Dots 'Black Castles'
Cabaret Voltaire 'Black Mask'
Broadcast 'Black Umbrellas'
Moon Wiring Club 'Black Stage Mysteries'
Massive Attack 'Black Milk (live radio session)'
Psychic TV 'Black Moon'
The Walkmen 'Black Sails'
Felt 'Black Ship In The Harbour'
Girls Names 'Black Saturday'
Black Tamborine 'Black Car'
Radiohead 'Black Star'
Ride 'Black Nite Crash'
The Black Angels 'Black Grease'
Secret Colours 'Blackhole'
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds 'Black Hair'

~Background music 'Black Hole Symphony' by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

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  1. Nice theme and playlist! The Opposition in particular are criminally unknown, and Felt is always welcome. New stuff is coming from Black Tamborine, allegedly.


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