Saturday, January 28, 2012

Show #1 'Another Noisy Year'

First show of the Spring 2012 semester!

Please show your support for all of these great bands by visiting their pages and downloading and/or purchasing their music if possible.

::download:: ANOTHER NOISY YEAR Air date 27th of January '12

The Raveonettes 'Another Noise'
The Solar System 'Lifting'
Screen Vinyl Image 'My Confession'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Waking Up To Hand Grenades (2nd mix)'
Mirror Mirror 'Strange Reaction'
The Underground Youth 'Mercury Guitar'
A Shoreline Dream 'Losing Them All To This Time'
Bloody Knives 'I'll Never Leave You Alone'
Wild Nothing 'The Witching Hour'
The Vera Violets 'Somewhere Else (single mix)'
Shape Breaker 'Brotherly Love'
Nice Face 'Thing In My Head'
Malaria! 'Elation'
David Lynch 'Strange And Unproductive Thinking'
Moon Wiring Club 'A Trifle Sinister'
Permute 'Secret Star'
Hood 'Painting The Town Dead'
Catherine Wheel 'Dead Girlfriend'
Loop 'Brittle Head Girl'
Psychic TV 'Clouds Without Water'
Girls Names 'Kiss Goodbye'
The Cure 'All Mine (aka All I Have To Do Is Kill Her) -live '82'

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