Sunday, November 20, 2011

Show #9 'Plastic Passion Pt. 2'

All Vinyl!
Cover photo by Kleegirl (2011)

:: download / stream :: PLASTIC PASSION PT. 2 Air date 18th of November '11
* Request
Ride 'Seagull'
13th Floor Elevators 'Monkey Island'
Modern Lovers 'Modern World'
Jim Carroll Band 'People Who Died'
The Fall 'Mr. Pharmacist'
David Bowie 'Golden Years' *
New Order 'Lonesome Tonight'
Nice Strong Arm 'Free At Last'
Vivian Girls 'Survival'
The Damned 'I Feel Alright / New Rose' *
Joy Division 'Isolation'
Depeche Mode 'Nothing'
The Cure 'A Forest' *
Soft Cell 'Memorabilia'
Chris And Cosey 'Obsession'
Lindsey Buckingham 'Trouble' *
Interpol 'Leif Erikson'
Radiohead 'Morning Bell'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Leave Nothing For Sancho'
Love And Rockets 'Mirror People'
Alternative TV 'Fun City'
Rolling Stones 'Under My Thumb'
Depeche Mode 'But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)' *

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