Thursday, November 10, 2011

Show #8 'Play It How I May'

Mix Show #1 (2001)

'Der Blaue Rot Engel' by Kleegirl (2011)

:: download / stream :: PLAY IT HOW I MAY Air date 11th of November '11
Marlene Dietrich 'Falling In Love Again (excerpt)'
Pop Will Eat Itself 'There Is No Love Between Us'
Dead Can Dance 'The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove'
David Bowie 'Warszawa'
Christian Death 'This Mirage'
The Tear Garden 'In Search Of My Rose' 
The Fall 'Smile'
Tortoise 'Eden 1'
Kraftwerk 'Radioactivity'
Nisi 'Miscue' 
Jeff Buckley 'The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (live 1995)'
And Also The Trees 'The Pear Tree'
Suede 'The Next Life'
Magnetic Fields 'I Die: You Die' 
Death In June 'Frost Flowers'
The Durutti Column 'Where I Should Be'
Cocteau Twins 'Half-Gifts' 
Nisi 'I Am Not'
Mountebank 'My Heart Stopped Beating A Few Times'
Beach House 'Wedding Bell'
Psychic TV 'The Orchids'
The Cure 'A Boy I Never Knew (studio demo 2004)'

~Background music MARLENE DIETRICH 'Marlene Singt Berlin Berlin'

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