Friday, April 30, 2021

Show #8 'Nothing But The Truth'

The formula for Sodium Thiopental aka Truth serum.

A Tribute to National Honesty Day.

:: In a world of lies, televised, this real (112MB) ::

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ‘Air-date 30th of April ’21

His Name Is Alive ‘Porter’

Travelogue ‘Generation’

His Name Is Alive ‘Something Blood’

Plasticstatic ’Foreign Voices Lift My Spirit (Part One)’

Beat Rhythm Fashion ‘Beings Rest Finally’

Hood ‘Loss and L.E.D.’

Michael Cashmore ‘The Night Has Rushed In ft. ANOHNI

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge ’The Truth’

Coil ‘Truth’

New Order ‘Truth’

Bongwater ’Truth’

The Solar System ‘The Truth’

Call Me Loretta ’Half Truth’

The Chameleons ’Truth Isn't Truth Anymore’

The Cure ‘Truth Goodness and Beauty’

Depeche Mode ’Policy Of Truth’

Goldie ‘Truth (feat. David Bowie)’

Goldendust Truth’ 

Helicon ’Truth or Consequence’

Current 93 ’Time Tryeth Truth’

AndroidSpace ‘The Key to Truth’

Playground ‘Seeking The Truth’

ANWIYCTI (A New World If You Can Take It) ’The Truth’

Girls Against Boys ‘One Dose of Truth’

Sad Lovers & Giants Beauty Is Truth’

The Garden ‘Truth’

Feeding Fingers ’Perfumed Truth’

~Bed Music TUONELA ‘Truth in a mirror may appear closer than desired’ / NINE INCH NAILS ‘Another Version Of The Truth’

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