Thursday, July 30, 2020

Shelter in Place Ear-a (May 2020)

The Girl and Me (May 2020)

:: On days like these we go home (104MB) ::

Shelter in Place Ear-a (May 2020) Air-date 10th of May '20

Psychic TV 'In Solitude Of Memory' / 'Burning The Old Home'

Depeche Mode 'Home'

The Cure 'In Your House'

Joy Division 'Isolation'

Sisters Of Mercy 'Gimme Shelter'

Actors 'Forever'

The Knife 'Forest Families'

Chrysta Bell '52 Hz'

David Lynch and John Neff 'Rollin' Down (To My House'

Can 'Last Night Sleep'

Windy and Carl 'The Stranger'

Nine Inch Nails 'Your New Normal'

Rothko 'Your Broken Body Has Found A Home'

Dear, Black Gold 'The Horizon Rifle'

Sleepersound 'Give to Time'

Feeding Fingers 'Stapled To Your House'

Forever Vessels 'Tide'

Throbbing Gristle 'Subhunan' / 'Hometime'

Depeche Mode 'Here Is The House'

Yaz 'In My Room'

Trisomie 21 'Is Anybody Home (Part 2)'

Mary Goes Round 'The Shelter'

And Also The Trees 'The Dwelling Place'

Psychic TV 'The Orchids'

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