Saturday, November 2, 2019

Show #7 'presentfuture'

Deckard meets Jarry.
:: I see the silhouette of a hat, a face, a cigarette (101MB) ::
PRESENTFUTURE Air date 1st of November '19

Vangelis 'Tales Of The Future'
Epic45 'The Future Is Blinding'
Cranes 'Future Song'
Can 'Future Days'
Catherine Wheel 'Future Boy'
Hood 'Clues To Our Past And Future Existence'
Cindy And The Saffrons 'Past, Present, And Future'
Jonny Greenwood 'Future Markets'
The Fall 'Futures And Pasts'
MGMT 'Future Games'
Alan Howarth And John Carpenter 'A Message From The Future'
Massive Attack 'Future Proof'
Pet Shop Boys 'This Used To Be The Future (feat. Phil Oakey'
Julian Barratt And Noel Fielding 'Future Sailors'
The Human League 'Dancevision'
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 'Pretending To See The Future'
Calvin Johnson 'When The Weekend Comes Around'
Jacques Henry Lévesque 'Le bain du roi'
Maquerelle 'Á Ubu (feat. Andréa Spartà)' / 'À Macbett'
Pere Ubu 'The Road Ahead'

~Bed Music - AVEY TARE 'Cows On Hourglass Pond' / KEDR LIVANSKY 'Your Need'

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