Saturday, October 12, 2019

Show #5 'Rebellious Jukebox 2'

Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge 
(July 1, 1969 - October 9, 2007)

:: She's painting a picture of time (101MB) ::
REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX 2 Air date 11th of October '19

INTRO - The Fall 'Rebellious Jukebox'
Autumn Owls 'Cam Girl Freud/Poverty And Ambition'
Chastity Belt 'Pissed Pants'
West Coast Music Club 'Fall'
Map 'Begin Again'
Belle And Sebastian 'The Colour's Gonna Run'
Audra 'Tired Friends' 
Red Gaze 'Blister Blaster'
This Frilly Ape 'Carcinogenic Slave-Driver'
Butthole Surfers 'In The Cellar'
Kastruba 'John Lemming'
The Strangtecular Band 'To The Sun'
Siouxsie And The Banshees 'Green Fingers'
Frozen Charlottes 'Fading Out'
The Lines 'Fury'
Cranes 'Lilies'
Bullet Girls 'Afterglow'
Lulling 'Pink Elephant'
Psychic TV 'I'm Making A Mirror'
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds 'Hollywood'

~Bed Music THE CURE 'Carnage Visors'

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