Saturday, September 28, 2019

Show #3 'Rebellious Jukebox'

Chastity Belt

:: Fogging up the mirror, see yourself disappear (97MB) ::
REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX Air date 27th of September '19

INTRO - The Fall 'Rebellious Jukebox'
Vivian Girls 'I'm Far Away'
Chastity Belt 'Drown'
Land Of Ooo 'Fight Against Ceiling Vents'
Crescent 'Hey September'
The Declining Winter 'North Brewery Recorder'
Seabuckthorn 'I Encountered Only Dark'
Codice Ego 'Duende'
Dead Mascot 'A Loop That Will Never Have A Sister'
Orbit Service 'Keep It To Yourself'
Marriages 'Salome'
Drowse 'Weak, Sleeping'
Fleur Du Mal 'Nuit'
Vivin 'Memento'
Ummagma 'Elizabeth 44'
Rich Ruth 'Coming Down'
9T Antiope 'Down The Rabbit Hole'
The Humble Bee and Offthesky 'A Wonder'
Maxine Funke and P Witts 'Forest Photographer'
A Magnificent Cold feat. Phantasos 'Garden Of Words' 
Roy Montgomery and Emma Johnston 'Realm Of Senses'
Seabuckthorn 'The Observatory'

~Bed Music THE CURE 'Carnage Visors'

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