Sunday, September 15, 2019

Show #1 'Thirteen Nine Nineteen'

                                                                                                    RIP DANIEL JOHNSTON 'I'm A Superhero' Notebook (1980)

First broadcast of the Fall semester.

:: But how can it recognize you if you don't step out into the light? (124MB)::
THIRTEEN NINE NINETEEN Air date 13th of September '19

Puce Mary 'Red Desert'
Primitive Knot 'SADO 13:13'
Masaki Uchida 'Blind Blue'
Edward Ka-Spel 'Call Me By My Name'
Kælan Mikla 'Næturblóm'
Daniel Johnston 'True Love Will Find You In The End'
Magnetic Fields 'The Things You Did And Didn't Do'
Strawberry Switchblade 'Go Away'
Vivian Girls 'Lonely Girl'
US Girls 'Rise + Go'
Daniel Johnston 'Funeral Home'
Ryan Gregory Tallman 'Atrium'
Dean Hurley 'Far Boundaries'
Taming Power '29-12-94/13-8-98'
The Caretaker 'Advanced Plaque Camaraderie'
Kyle Bobby Dunn 'Their Memories'
Wilson Tanner 'All Hands Bury The Dead'
Love And Rockets 'Holiday On The Moon'
Post Rapture Party 'Sun And Moon'
Plasticstatic 'The Anchored Moon'
Depeche Mode 'The Sun And The Moon And The Stars'
Current 93 'Moonlight, You Will Say'
Martyn Bates 'What Counsel Has The Hooded Moon'
Omega Vague Moon Sound'

~Bed Music KYLE BOBBY DUNN 'September And Her Sudden Drones' / COIL 'Moon's Milk or Under An Unquiet Skull Part Two'

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