Saturday, February 23, 2019

Show #5 'Electronic Renaissance'

All electronic music.

:: Do you remember, in the dead of Winter? (107MB) ::
ELECTRONIC RENAISSANCE Air date 22nd February '19

Trisomie 21 'Preface (Live Intro -Unreleased)'
Victrola 'Explorer'
Solid Space 'Destination Moon'
Daphne Oram 'Snow'
Bruce Haack 'Snow Job'
The Buggles 'I Love You (Miss Robot)'
Bênní 'End Of Light'
Xeno And Oaklander 'The Light, The Whisper'
Antonionian 'Arrhythmia'
Curved Light 'Routine Simulation / Fading Memory'
Ladytron 'Figurine'
Figurine 'International Space Station II'
Boards Of Canada 'Cold Earth'
Tortoise 'Whitewater'
Leathers 'Phantom Heart'
Severed Heads 'Dead Eyes Opened'
Void Vision 'In 20 Years Extended Version)'
cEvin Key 'Floating'
The Wheal 'There Is No More Room In Hell'
Boy Harsher 'Come Closer'
Cosey Fanni Tutti 'Heliy'

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