Saturday, October 13, 2018

Show #3 'The Art Of Drowning'

Mix Show #1 (2009)

'Humbug Mountain Coastal Line' By KleeGirl (2009)

:: Rise up, rise up, with wings like eagles, you run and not grow weary (103MB) ::
THE ART OF DROWNING Airdate 12th of October '18

The Horrors 'Sea Within A Sea'
Keane 'Atlantic'
Ivor Cutler 'Ivor Cutler and the... Mermaid'
And Also The Trees 'The Mermen Of The Lea'
Badly Drawn Boy 'Fall In A River'
Martin L. Gore 'By This River'
Hood 'Song Of The Sea'
Revolver 'Drowning Inside' 
U2 'Drowning Man'
Morrissey 'Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning'
Black Tambourine 'Drown'
Sunny Day Real Estate 'The Rising Tide'
The Radio Dept. 'We Would Fall Against The Tide' 
Ride 'Chrome Waves'
Nick Cave 'To Be By Your Side'
Robert Smith 'Pirate Ships'
British Sea Power 'Fear Of Drowning'
The Futureheads 'Danger Of The Water'
The Cure 'The Drowning Man'
Ikon 'Suicide'
Covenant 'Shipwreck'
Hawkwind 'Dying Seas'
Doves 'Sea Song'

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