Friday, February 16, 2018

Show #4 'Distant Dreams'

Mix Show #1 (2009)

:: But who is the dreamer? (117 MB) ::
DISTANT DREAMS Air date 16th of February '18

Bongwater 'The Real Thing'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Wisdom (live)'
Chainsaw Kittens 'Mary's Belated Wedding Song'
Curve 'Nice And Easy'
Damon & Naomi 'Astrafiammante'
Dead Mellotron 'Nothing I Ever Imagined'
John Frusciante 'Song To The Siren'
Donovan 'Wear Your Love Like Heaven'
My Bloody Valentine '(Please) Lose Yourself In Me'
The Rolling Stones 'She's A Rainbow'
Primal Scream 'Keep Your Dreams'
Ulysse 'The Countess's Smile'
Psychic TV 'We Kiss'
Julian Cope 'Holy Love'
His Name Is Alive 'Come To Me'
Throbbing Gristle 'Distant Dreams, Pt. 2'
Velvet Underground 'I Love You'
David Bowie 'Be My Wife'
Pulp 'Forever In My Dreams'
Roy Orbison 'In Dreams'

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