Monday, June 19, 2017

Show #1 'My Dharma Is The Radio'

It is happening again... 
10 years of I Hung Around In Your Soundtrack.

:: You're still with me, that's good (Sugarsync 198MB) ::
MY DHARMA IS THE RADIO Air date 16th of June '17

Amazing Electronic Talking Cave 'First Track Of The Summer'
Chatham Rise 'In Skies (Summer Gravity Mix)'
A Star Too Far 'Don't Use My Eyes To See'
Cake For Grandpa 'Landing Threshold'
Coil 'Summer Substructures'
Johnny Jewel 'Windswept'
Stumbleine 'Wasted Summer'
Sparklehorse 'Knives Of Summertime'
The Goslings 'Summer For Spring'
Trouble 'Snake Eyes'
The Raveonettes 'Noisy Summer'
Singapore Sling 'Summer Garden'
Primal Scream 'Beautiful Summer'
Julee Cruise 'Summer Kisses, Winter Tears'
Chromatics 'Shadow'
The Paris Sisters 'I Love How You Love Me'
Coil 'Omlagus Garfungiloops'
Cake For Grandpa 'The Road'
Felt 'Now Summer's Spread Its Wings Again'
Aloha 'Summer Away'
epic45 'Summer Message' / 'Afternoon, Shadowed' / 'The Weather Is Not Your Friend'
Arthur Russell 'Me For Real'
The Church 'Summer'
Slowdive 'Summer Day'
Chapterhouse 'Summer Chill'
Cranes 'Leaves Of Summer'
Vincent Gallo 'A Cold And Grey Summer Day'
Bonzo Dog Band 'Quiet Talks And Summer Walks'

~Bed Music by ANGELO BADALAMENTI 'Twin Peaks OST and Fire Walk With Me OST' 

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