Saturday, November 14, 2015

Show #9 'Eleven Years'

Resting In Peace' Jhonn Balance photo by Ryan

For all of the senseless loss in this world.

ELEVEN YEARS Air date 13th of November '15

Current 93 'The Long Shadows Falls'
Coil 'All The Pretty Little Horses'
Coil 'The Dark Age Of Love (Balance)' 
Death In June 'Europa: The Gates Of Heaven'
Coil 'Love's Secret Domain (original mix)' 
Coil 'Sodoma Atomicus'
Coil 'Blue Rats'
Coil 'Amber Rain'
Coil 'Solar Lodge'
Cultural Amnesia 'Fetish For Today'
Coil 'Heartworms'
Coil 'A Cold Cell'
Coil 'Paranoid Inlay'
Coil 'The Wraiths And Strays Of Paris'
Coil 'Going Up'

Mercury Rev 'THE LIGHT'S IN YOU'
'You're Gone With So Little For So Long' / 'Are You Ready?' / 'Emotional Free Fall' /
'Coming Up For Air' / 'Amelie'


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