Sunday, December 7, 2014

Show #10 'Lost In Fog'

:: download :: LOST IN FOG Air date 5th of December '14

Medicine 'Turning'
Omega Vague 'Beyond The Stars'
Clustersun 'Hipgnosis'
Johnny Marr '25 Hours'
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness 'Come Undone'
Ritual Howls 'Take Me Up'
Hood 'This Year's First Storm'
Parquet Courts 'Urban Ease'
Soft Vision 'Foreign Peaks' 
Silver Apples 'Misty Mountain'
Autumn 'Pale Mist Meditations'
Golden Gardens 'Pearls Pierce The Mists'
Sigur Rós 'Mistur (Mist)'
Wire 'Time Lock Fog'
Death In June 'The Fog Of The World'
Disco Inferno 'Lost In Fog'
Mirror Mirror 'The Fog'
The Solar System 'A Fog'
Brian Eno 'Events In Dense Fog'
Moon Wiring Club 'That Foggy Feeling'
Joan Of Arc 'Fogbow'
Radiohead 'Fog Again Live)'

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