Saturday, November 9, 2013

Show #6 'Rebellious Jukebox'

Jim Skafish in Chicago (1978). Photo by Ted Adams

:: download :: REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX Air date 9th of November '13

Intro -The Fall 'Rebellious Jukebox'
Wall Of Voodoo 'Back In Flesh'
Skafish 'Disgracing The Family Name'
The Stranglers 'Goodbye Toulouse (Peel Session 1977)'
Magazine 'Definitive Gaze'
Simple Minds 'All For You'
The Associates 'Straw Towels'
Luxuria 'Mlle'
Echo And The Bunnymen 'Ashes To Ashes (Stars Are Stars) -Peel Session 1979'
Killing Joke 'The Fall Of Because'
Love In Cage 'Minimal Sound'
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry 'Jipp'
The Comsat Angels 'Goat Of The West'
Theatre Of Hate 'The Hop'
NAKED (On Drugs) 'Cat Song (The Fortified Wine Mix)'
Josef K 'Variation Of Scene'
And Also The Trees 'Midnight Garden'
The Cure 'Birdmad Girl (studio demo)'
The Raincoats 'Off Duty Trip'
The Red Krayola with Art & Language 'And Old Man's Dream'
The Fire Engines 'Discord (Peel Session 1981)'
The Flying Lizards 'Her Story'
Suicide 'I Remember'
Cabaret Voltaire 'The Set Up'
Joy Division 'Insight (Peel Session 1979)
Felt 'Index'

Background music ~The Cure 'Carnage Visors'

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Found a couple of gems in the #kwcw vinyl archives.

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