Saturday, August 3, 2013

Show #5 'Murdersongs'

"Someone shot nostalgia in the back... 
Someone shot our innocence... 
And all our colors have run."

::download/stream:: MURDERSONGS Air date 3rd of August '13

The Cooper Temple Clause 'Murder Song'
The Glove 'The Perfect Murder'
The Movies 'Midnight Bloody Murder'
The Clash 'Somebody Got Murdered'
Elvis Costello 'Kinder Murder'
PJ Harvey 'The Words That Maketh Murder'
Legendary Pink Dots 'The Ocean Cried Murder'
Death In June 'Murder Made History'
New Order 'Murder'
Joy Division 'The Kill'
Ramones 'You're Gonna Kill That Girl'
The Damned 'Born To Kill'
Swervedriver 'Kill The Superheroes'
Primal Scream 'Kill All Hippies'
Catherine Wheel 'Kill Rhythm'
Sunny Day Real Estate 'Killed By An Angel'
The Stills 'Killer Bees'
Skywave 'Kill Me Dead'
Zelienople 'Softkiller'
The December Sound 'Painkiller'
The Church 'Cortez The Killer'
Bauhaus 'Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?'

Background music: The Cure 'All Mine aka All I Have To Do Is Kill Her (live '82)'
Echo And The Bunnymen 'The Killing Moon (All Night Version)'

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