Saturday, October 1, 2011

Show #3 'Slightly Miscellaneous'

Found objects by Ryan (2011)

On this particular broadcast a bit of this and a bit of that.

Vinyl, iPod, discs and even, yes, a Zune. 

Spontaneous, mostly unhampered and a bit crazy at times.

Expect to hear more shows like this in the future when we haven't really any playlist planned.

We failed to mention during the broadcast that Spell 336's 'Silence' can be also be found on a fantastic recently released compilation called The Shoegaze Collective Sounds: A Worldwide Sound Explosion featuring dozens of wonderful artists as well as Ryan's own project Plasticstatic.

A video recording of this broadcast, including a guided tour of the KWCW studio, can also be found on our Ustream channel I Hung Around In Your Static.

:: download / stream :: SLIGHTLY MISCELLANEOUS Air date 30th of September '11
d = dedication
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Whoever You Are'
Chameleons 'Caution'
Go-Betweens 'Cattle And Cane'
Bill Nelson 'Calling Heaven, Calling Heaven, Over'
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 'International' d
Roy Orbison and Friends 'In Dreams'
Masters Of Reality 'Magic Spell'
King Crimson 'Prelude: Song Of The Gulls' / 'Islands'
The Lines 'The Landing'
The Smiths 'Pretty Girls Make Graves'
Everything But The Girl 'Never Could Have Been Worse'
Psychic TV 'Twisted (live)' / 'Only Human (live)' 
The Easy Cure 'See The Children'
Iggy And The Stooges 'Raw Power'

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  1. Oh jeez, Chameleons->Go-Betweens->Bill Nelson AND New Fast Automatic Daffodils! Very, very nice.


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