Saturday, August 20, 2011

Show #11 'Eleven Heaven'

Album artwork by Kleegirl (2011)

The all music from 2011 broadcast!

Please do support these wonderful artists by downloading and or purchasing their music if at all possible.

Below there are loads of links to do so...

**download / stream** ELEVEN HEAVEN Air date 19th of August '11

The Horrors 'Still Life'
Esben And The Witch 'Warpath'
Singapore Sling 'On A Different Star'
The Sirago 17 'Fever Dream (Live at Tokyo Garden)'
Kid's Garden 'Slip By'
Screen Vinyl Image 'New Visions'
Moonbeams 'Want Me'
The Raveonettes 'Summer Moon'
Dum Dum Girls 'He Gets Me High'
Wire 'Down To This'
Tadpoles 'Sense (Green Mix)'
The Babies 'Caroline'
Crystal Stilts 'Blood Barons'
Amen Dunes 'Bedroom Drum'
The Solar System 'No Light'
Radiohead 'The Butcher'
Dead Skeletons 'Ask Seek Knock'
The Common Men 'Reft'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Illuminomi'
Current 93 'Moon'
Robert Smith 'Small Hours'

~Background music by: MIRROR MIRROR and BRITISH SEA POWER


  1. Love seeing Tadpoles getting out…fantastic band…fantastic playlist…

  2. Yes, they deserve a lot more attention. Todd's new band, and David Max's solo album from last year are all great; continuing to make minds expand and/or explode.


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