Sunday, July 24, 2011

Show #7 'The Twenty-First Pt.1'

Mix Show #2 (2004)

Paul Klee 'Ancient Sound' (1925)

This is part one of a mix made for my very good friend Amy back in 2004 who was moving to the Portland area at the time.

The whole concept of 'The Twenty-First' was all songs from the 'twenty-first century', although looking back there are a few discrepancies.

Nonetheless, it's still enjoyable, for myself anyway, to listen to and hopefully you agree.
Next week we'll bring you part two of the mix.

**download / stream** THE TWENTY-FIRST PT. 1 Air date 22nd of July '11

Boards Of Canada 'Music Is Math'
The Rapture 'Olio'
Appliance 'Boats'
stellastarr* 'Moongirl'
Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Y Control'
Girls Against Boys 'One Dose Of Truth'
Clearlake 'Wonder If The Snow Will Settle'
stellastarr* 'My Coco'
Levinhurst 'Hope'
Death Cab For Cutie 'Friday I'm In Love (live)'
Belle And Sebastian 'Step Into My Office, Baby'
Camera Obscura 'Eighties Fan'
British Sea Power 'Remember Me (7 inch version)'
Grandaddy 'Miner At The Dial-A-View'
Clearlake I'd Like To Hurt You'
stellastarr* 'Homeland'
American Analog Set 'The Postman (Styrofoam's Just Like The Nineties Never Happened Mix)'
The Walkmen 'What's In It For Me'
Kevin Shields 'City Girl'
Innocence Mission 'Today'
Cranes 'Shining Road'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Our Time'

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