Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Show #10 'Plastic Passion Pt. 3'


"What's this?" you ask.  It doesn't look like the usual playlist show post I'm used to seeing.
Well, here is sort of an explanation...

See, I know that I have yet to post any of the vinyl shows this year and I feel quite bad about this.

I'm not sure as to why it takes me so long if ever to post those particular shows.  Perhaps it has something to do with my tendency to become fixated with each show's cover art.  It can be quite grueling coming up with a clever 'sleeveface'-inspired cover each time, so oftentimes I don't get around to even bothering.

Although, I do always pride myself on providing an aesthetically pleasing show post, I suppose really that in the end it's the music that's important, not the presentation.  I'll try to better remember this in the future.

For now, as a sort of compensation, I give you not only the entire show #10, albeit not in mp3 format as usual, but audio and video, in all its vulnerability -without my beloved editing (which believe me is very difficult and painful for me to allow you to see and hear!).

I will try to get some album art for those other vinyl shows together, including this one, and post them as soon as I have the time.

In the meanwhile, try to enjoy this, and if you indeed do, remember that we broadcast live every show on our Ustream channel I Hung Around In Your Static. 

Video streaming by Ustream

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