Sunday, October 31, 2010

Show #7 'Hear, See, Peel'

The John Peel Tribute Special

John Peel (John Robert Parker Ravenscroft)   30 August 1939 - 25 October  2004

Finally the John Peel show that I have been planning for what seems like forever.

As I mention in the show, deciding to do a John Peel show with the main bulk consisting only of selected sessions from his programme which spanned from the late sixties to 2004 is VERY DIFFICULT.

Think about this for a moment.
Hundreds of bands and thousands of sessions to choose from.
Not to mention that Mr. John Peel had impeccable taste.
What to pick?!

Well, after a quite arduous time of it, I was able to force myself to edit down the playlist as much I possibly could.

You just might hear more Peel Session shows sometime in the future. Although with a more specific theme, so that the seemingly impossible will not have to be pulled off again.

We love you John Peel.

"Today's transmission will give me the solution."

**download / stream** HEAR, SEE, PEEL Air date 31st October 2010
* = dedication
BIS 'We Love John Peel (1996)'
IVOR CUTLER 'In My Room There Sits A Box (John Peel's Night Ride, 7 May 1969)'
DELIA DERBYSHIRE 'John Peel's Voice (John Peel Presents Top Gear 1969)'
SYD BARRETT 'Two Of A Kind (14 March 1970)'
DAVID BOWIE 'Andy Warhol [feat. lead vocals by Dana Gillespie] (June 1971)'
ROXY MUSIC 'Bitter End (23 June 1972)'
DAMNED 'New Rose (30 November 1976)'
STRANGLERS 'Goodbye Toulouse (1 March 1977)'
BUZZCOCKS 'Pulse Beat (19 September 1977)'
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES 'Overground (6 February 1978)'
SLITS 'FM (22 May 1978)'
JOY DIVISION 'Insight (15 February 1979)'
CURE 'Desperate Journalist In Ongoing Meaningful Review Situation (9 May 1979)'
ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN 'Stars Are Stars (22 August 1979)'
COMSAT ANGELS 'Waiting For A Miracle (29 April 1980)'
CHAMELEONS 'Here Today (17 June 1981)'
PULP 'Wishful Thinking (18 November 1981)'
BAUHAUS 'Party Of The First Part (12 April 1982)'
COCTEAU TWINS 'Blind Dumb Deaf (31 January 1983)'
ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES in the DARK 'Genetic Engineering (21 February 1983)'
THE FALL 'Smile (23 March 1983)'
TEST DEPARTMENT 'State Of Affairs (15 August 1983)'
SMITHS 'Still Ill (21 September 1983)'
MY BLOODY VALENTINE 'Colm's Song AKA When You Wake (You're Still In A Dream) 5 October 1988)'
GALAXIE 500 'Blue Thunder (17 October 1989)'
BONGWATER 'You Don't Love Me Yet (13 April 1991)'
HOOD 'I Wish I Was A Crowbar (3 November 1995)'
PJ HARVEY 'Catherine / Perfect Day Elise (23 September 1998)'
BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE 'Tschuss (25 October 1998)'
INTERPOL 'Hands Away (18 April 2001)
IVOR CUTLER 'An Indirect Love Poem (John Peel's Night Ride, 7 May 1969)'
CURE 'The Love Cats' *

~Background music: THE UNDERTONES 'Teenage Kicks' / WEDDING PRESENT 'Make Me Smile (Come up and See Me)' / 'So Long, Baby' / 'Kennedy'


  1. Cant wait to listen to this! Have you heard the Dead Meadow session? I believe they are one of two bands that did Peel Sessions that weren't recorded in London. And it even has a song they never recorded anywhere else. I think it was done at the guy from fugazi studio. Anyway, Thanks.

  2. Thanks Brian! I will have to find those Dead Meadow tracks and play them on my next Peel show. Thanks for listening. :^D


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