Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Show # 10 'Cold'

Mix Show # 5

And finally the last show of the Summer.

Which means that Fall shows are soon to follow!

So stay tuned...

**download** COLD Air date 19th of August 2008

Cure 'Burn'
Cocteau Twins 'Need-Fire'
Dead Can Dance 'The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove'
Blur 'Beetlebum (Moby's Mix)'Bauhaus 'She's In Parties'
Orgy 'Fiction (Dreams In Digital)'
Kraftwerk 'The Model'
Pop Will Eat Itself There Is No Love Between Us Anymore'
Lightning Seeds 'You Showed Me'
Placebo 'Bigmouth Strikes Again'
Portishead 'Over'
Joy Division 'Heart And Soul'
Cocteau Twins 'Strange Fruit'
OMD 'Of All The Things We've Made'
Suede 'The Next Life'
Nick Cave 'Sleepy River Piano'
Magnetic Fields 'Meaningless'
The Organ 'Steven Smith'
Bjork '5 Years'
Siouxsie 'Loveless'
Bat For Lashes 'A Forest'
The Sound 'Total Recall'
Innocence Mission 'Lake Shore Drive'
Keane 'Happy Soldier'
Cure 'Without You'
Morrissey 'Disappointed'

Cover art - variations on Paul Klee's Mourning (1934)

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  1. I just got done listening to the show. I'm sad to say that I had never heard that Cure song. So thank you for putting it on there! I of course loved it!


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