Friday, October 31, 2008

Show # 1 'Left Of The Dial'

K-dub studio (2007).

I have been an avid listener of College radio now since my early teens.
I am a bit older now, well... perhaps a lot older now and I have to say my feelings about college radio have not waned.

College radio is very important!

If it had not been for a particular local college radio station, I am not sure I would listen to as many bands as I do now.

A lot of the music I listen to today, I heard for the first time on KWCW.
Nowadays, kids have the internet to broaden their musical horizons and introduce them to the next most important band in their life.
Back in the 1990's, however, I did not have that luxury.
I, as many of you 25+ ones may concur, had to discover great music the old-fashioned way, turning my radio dial oh so far to the left... until I hit 90.5 FM.

I was a total K-Dub fanatic for a long while, sticking scotch tape on the top of hundreds of old used cassette tapes so as to record until they ran out.
I still have them all somewhere lying around. It's a riot to give them a listen today. A few in particular force me to remember my Gothy/Punk days with some admitted fondness.

Not so long after, my friend Amy suggested we apply for a Summer show at K-Dub.
Finally, I would be the DJ! A dream fulfilled!
'The Easy Cure' lasted around 10 weeks back in the Summer of 1999.

Some years later, well... a lot of years later, I decided it was time to resume my DJ role and 'I Hung Around In Your Soundtrack' was born.

And so... here I pay homage to the great College Radio!

"My mind is filled with radio cures..."

**download** LEFT OF THE DIAL Airdate 16th of September 2008

Innocence Mission 'Once Upon a Summertime'
Cut Copy 'Unforgettable Season'
Church 'A New Season'
Klaxons 'It's Not Over Yet'
Replacements 'Left Of The Dial'
REM 'Radio Free Europe'
Smiths 'Panic'
Elvis Costello 'Radio Sweetheart'
Joe Jackson 'On Your Radio'
Futureheads 'Radio Heart'
Josef K 'Radio Drill Time'
Joy Division 'Transmission'
Buzzcocks 'Harmony In My Head'
Modern Lovers 'Roadrunner'
Velvet Underground 'Rock And Roll'
David Bowie 'D. J.'
Talking Heads 'Radio Head'
Modest Mouse 'Dashboard'
Spoon 'Car Radio'
Clash 'This Is Radio Clash'
M. Ward 'Radio Campaign'
Roxy Music 'Oh Yeah!'
Thomas Dolby 'Airwaves'
OMD 'Radio Waves'
Stereophonics 'I Don't Believe Your Radio'
Teenage Fanclub 'Radio'
Pavement 'My Radio'
Cure 'Down Under'

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