Monday, September 15, 2008

Tune in tomorrow...

So, the lovely people at KWCW has accepted my plea for a slot in their Fall programming!
I'm really excited because it didn't happen last Fall.

I will just have to keep up the mindset that there's no way I can run out of ideas for shows.
There really is no way actually.

To elaborate, I've even had the idea of doing a show centered around songs where the singer breaks into laughter (and yeah, there are quite a few songs).

As you can imagine, the possibilites are quite limitless.

So, if you have means, please do have a listen.
Elvis will be listening, well not really, but he would if he knew about it.
Every Tuesday afternoon
1 to 3 pm

Since I'll be doing new shows, I'm going to post the past Summer shows more rapidly. So stay in touch with the blog, you never know how soon I'll post a 'new' old one.

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