Saturday, June 20, 2015

Show #4 'Rebellious Jukebox Extended'

:: Fell in love with herself, couldn't really fall for anyone else. Now I can't say that I blame her (156MB) ::

INTRO The Fall 'Rebellious Jukebox'
Legendary Pink Dots 'Blacklist'
Daniel Ash 'Candy Darling'
Bauhaus 'The Passion Of Lovers'
The Sisters Of Mercy 'No Time To Cry'
Death In June 'Nothing Changes'
The Damned 'Twisted Nerve'
Tullycraft 'Georgette Plays A Goth'
Clan Of Xymox 'Back Door'
Christian Death 'Spectre'
Martin L. Gore 'Gone'
The Chameleons 'Less Than Human'
The Wolfgang Press 'Cut The Tree'
Dead Can Dance 'The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove'
Siouxsie And The Banshees 'Obsession'
The Cure 'At Night'
Winter 'Pretender'
Muse '[JFK]'
Crocodiles 'Blue'
Sunflower Bean 'Ok Mr. Man'
Blur 'Pyongyang'
Magnetic Fields 'Three-Way'
Frontline Assembly 'Iceolate'
Gary Numan 'Haunted'
Vast 'Touched'
David Bowie 'I've Been Waiting For You'
The Stone Roses 'I Wanna Be Adored'
Martin Dupont 'Just Because'
Tones On Tail 'Performance'
Gong 'Magick Mother Invocation / Master Builder'
The Bonzo Dog Band 'Readymades'
Xiu Xiu 'Asleep'
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds 'From Her To Eternity'

~Background Music THE CURE 'Carnage Visors'

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