Saturday, July 18, 2015

Show #8 'Beyond The Wall Of Sleep'

:: And I'm biting my nails until sleep comes around ::  
BEYOND THE WALL OF SLEEP Air date 17th of July '15

Failure 'Segue 4'
The Prodigy The Day Is My Enemy'
Classix Nouveaux 'Night People'
Coil 'S Is For Sleep'
Bongwater 'Too Much Sleep'
This Heat 'Sleep'
The Kinks 'Just Can't Go To Sleep'
Failure 'Segue 7'
Radiohead 'Go To Sleep'
The Notwist 'Sleep'
Badly Drawn Boy 'Bedside Story' 
Innocence Mission 'Keeping Awake'
The Beatles 'I'm So Tired'
The Smithereens 'Behind The Wall Of Sleep'
My Bloody Valentine 'When You Sleep'
Slowdive 'Sleep'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Not Dead, Sleeping'
The Kinks 'I Go To Sleep'
The Psychedelic Furs 'Sleep Comes Down'
Felt 'Something Sends Me To Sleep'
Failure 'Segue 8'
The Cure 'If Only Tonight We Could Sleep'
Death In June 'Bring In The Night'
Failure 'Segue 6' 
Suicide 'Be My Dream'
Inhale 'Now You Can Sleep'
Failure 'Segue 9'

~Background Music: Pink Floyd 'Sleep' / David Lynch 'The Night Bell With Lightning' / Mogwai 'Boring Machine Disturbs Sleep'