Saturday, March 4, 2017

Show #5 'Fear Of Ghosts Pt. 1'

Mix Show #1 (2005)

Jane Reece 'Inspiration'

FEAR OF GHOSTS PT. 1 Air date 3rd of March '17

Boo Radleys 'The Queen Is Dead'
Appliance 'Fruits Of The Sea'
Cure 'Possession'
Arab Strap 'Cherubs'
New Order 'Truth'
Clan Of Xymox 'Muscoviet Musquito'
Joy Division 'Heart And Soul'
And Also The Trees 'Slow Pulse Boy'
Death Cult 'Ghost Dance'
Dirty On Purpose 'Monument'
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness 'The Less You See'
Cure 'Scared As You'
Mogwai 'Nick Drake'
Legendary Pink Dots 'Belladonna'
Dead Can Dance 'Tell Me More About The Forest (You Once Called Home)'
OMD 'The Avenue'
Epic45 'You Said Nothing'
Junkie XL feat. Robert Smith 'Perfect Blue Sky'

Omega Vague 'Afraid'
Whimsical 'Surreal'

BED MUSIC by Novella 'Change of State' and NIN 'Ghosts'