Saturday, February 4, 2017

Show #1 'Plastic Passion Pt. 1'

First broadcast of 2017.
All vinyl.

:: Like a pawn on the eternal board, who's never quite sure what he's moved toward, I walk blindly on (146MB) ::

PLASTIC PASSION PT. 1 Air date 3rd of February '17

Hüsker Dü 'Love Is All Around'
Eurythmics 'Your Time Will Come'
Can 'Moonshake'
Depeche Mode 'The Bottom Line'
The Prids 'Valley Saints'
Lilys 'There Is No Such Thing As Black Orchids'
Drab Majesty 'Too Soon To Tell'
David Bowie 'I'm Deranged (Reprise)'
Nine Inch Nails 'Just Like You Imagined'
Throbbing Gristle 'AB/7A'
The Legendary Pink Dots 'No Star Too Far'
Hypnopazūzu  'Magog At The MayPole'
Rose McDowall 'Tibet'
Dead Can Dance 'Cantara'
Bongwater 'Love You To'
Skinny Puppy 'Killing Game'
Coil 'The Snow (The Drift Mix)'
The Cure 'Never Enough (Big Mix)'
Wire 'It's A Boy'
Tears For Fears 'Ideas As Opiates'
New Order 'Every Little Counts'