Saturday, April 9, 2016

Show #7 'Rebellious Jukebox'


::  Foolishly arrange tomorrow the way I always will  ::
REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX Air date 8th of April '16

Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Here Comes The Waiting For The Sun'
Citrus Clouds 'In Time I Am'
The Churchhill Garden feat. Hideka 'Sweet Dreams'
No Sun 'Ache'
Shinji 'Give Me Some Time'
The Church 'Comedown'
Heron Oblivion 'Oriar'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Prší Prší' 
Wall Of Death 'Loveland'
Omega Vague 'From The Outside'
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds '(I'll Love You) Till The End Of The World'
Crime and the City Solution 'The Adversary'
Scott Walker 'Buzzers'
David Bowie 'Leon Takes Us Outside / Outside'
Cloak 'Pushed'
Windsor For The Derby 'Awkwardness'
The Cure 'A Foolish Arrangement'
Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Leave It Alone'
Chapterhouse 'April'

~Background music THE CURE 'Carnage Visors'