Saturday, October 11, 2014

Show #5 'It Is Happening Again'

We pay a bit of an homage to what is possibly the most fantastic TV series ever broadcasted on American television, and celebrate its long-awaited return in 2016.

Thank you Mark and David.

:: download :: IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN Air date 10th of October '14

X-TG 'My Only Child' 
800 Beloved 'Slasher Flick'
Primal Scream 'Blood Money'
Angelo Badalamenti 'The Pink Room'
Julee Cruise 'Rockin' Back Inside My Heart'
Mirror Mirror 'Autumn Falls'
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness 'Faust'
Fiancé 'Ivy'
The Movies 'Creation Lake'
Soft Vision 'Feel It Coming On'
Peaking Lights 'Tell Me Your Song'
Wampire 'People Of Earth'
Whirr 'Mumble'
Flying Lotus 'Stirring'
Julee Cruise 'The World Spins'
Angelo Badalamenti feat. Jimmy Scott 'Sycamore Trees'
Plasticstatic 'Let's Build Our Own Heaven'
Alcian Blue 'Years Too Late'
Golden Gardens 'In Dreams I Roam The Petaled Gloom'

~Background Music: Angelo Badalamenti 'Music from Twin Peaks' and 'Fire Walk With Me -OST'.